I love my book cover. The fabric is unique!  It puts me in a zany mood! It can be used so well as a tablet, a paper notebook and a Kindle, and of course a book cover.  It is in front of me everyday - saying " Be creative - Enjoy it!"

Alberta W. NM

I have a Wonderful fabric covered composition folder Linda made for me, it is beautiful and sturdy, I love it, what detail! excellent quality!

Diane C. NM

I am delighted that Linda has decided to market her wares and share. Her bags are one of a kind. Not only unique but constructed very well. Quality

Kathryn B. NM

I love the one you made for my notebook! I am so happy with it and when I touch it I know it is full of love from you!
Wanda B. NM

Linda creates such beautiful items, she has an eye for colors and patterns that compliment each other. And the quality of workmanship is extraordinary! Each piece is truly a work of art. I love my notebook cover!

Kim J. WA